Fading midi tracks?

Hi! I’m using Cubase Elements 7.

When recording an audio track I get the option to grab the handle at the end of the track and fade it to my liking. So the volume of the track slowly gets lower and lower. But Midi tracks (instrument tracks or whatever they are called) doesnt seem to have that option, so how can I fade it? I want to fade all tracks exactly the same, like 10 audio tracks and 5 midi tracks.

How would I go on to accomplish someting like that?

Many answers to this … first, MIDI doesn’t have a sound component, just player piano type function. MIDI does have a volume automation, if the MIDI device being driven supports that. You can automate velocity, again if the device supports velocity. You can route to an audio track and use the volume automation from there.

But, adding fade handles to a MIDI event is non sequitur.

The easiest way is to mixdown the whole project without fading - reload the stereo mix and fade that one.

I agree with Arjen P, if you want it all to fade in the same way, save that for the mastering process and fade it out anyway you want it to.

I mixdown just the midi track - making it an audio track and dropping it into the project. Then I can fade that single track if I want to.

Thanks, there’s a few options then.

Or a plugin that fades ie UAD precision buss compressor.

Obviously something less expensive…

but this allows one to KEEP the midi, as I suspect that is what you want to do?

As an aside Cubase 6 has a neat thing 5 did not have. When selecting a group of midi notes, there are a few more velocity controls in the key editor… fade in, fade out, compress and expand. I believe you had to access this in a menu, but now it is very easy to ctrl/cmd A, use the handle at the top right and drag down all notes towards the right. Use in tandem with the compress control to achieve an even balanced fade. It is a lovely feature! :stuck_out_tongue: