Fagotto / Fagott


I have instrument names set to italian but it seems to get mixed up with german: When I add a player and select “Fagotto” from the list, the instrument created is labeled “Fagott”.
Can you reproduce this?



How do you set instrument names to another language? I can’t find the place to do that.


You can set it in the engraving options, “Languages”.

Changing the language for instrument names only works for me when I do it before starting a new project. After I’ve added at least one player, changing the language has no effect. Even restarting Dorico doesn’t help.

This topic has been discussed before in this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=113834&p=698138&hilit=language#p698138

Daniel said, that after changing the language, the names of existing players retain unchanged, but when you add new players, they will be named in the new language. But that’s not what Dorico actually does.

I think this should be changed by the Dorico team in future versions.


Thank you Thomas, good to know.

I actually do not even know why Dorico insists on german, as far as i know I never set it to that (Swedish keyboard with Dorico in english). I have been copying music into this file from an imported xml-file, maybe that has got to do with it.