Fail Puschase update from cubase pro 10.5 to 11. Help!

Hi all.

recently, I tried to puschase an update from cubase pro 10.5 to 11, But right after I’ve payed for it, the website said Error 404. my Bank email me that the payment is successful, but I still don’t receive that update code email from Steinberg in my gmail . could anyone help me out here ???

Hi and welcome on the forum,

This is a user forum. Please, get in contact with AskNet/Nexway support, which operates the Steinberg online shop, please.

I bought the cubase 11 update from 10.5 but I had no confirmation, no invoice or proof of purchase, I contacted AskNet / Nexway support but no response since Saturday 31 8:30 am.
I installed cubase 11 and uninstalled cubase 10.5 and now, to be able to work I have to download cubase 10.5 again (22Gb on a limited mobile data plan is a lot) because cubase 11 trial is about to expire. It is nonsense!