Fail to upgrade from Cubase Pro 10.5 to Pro 12

I recently bought the upgrade license, but because of this error I can’t continue. The Steinberg suggested solution is not working, error keeps on. Support has not yet answered to my emails for 2 working days.

Hi @RobertKovacs, what is your issue? You cannot download and install Cubase 12?

You can try to download from the support pages:

Actually I have not tried to download a whole Cubase Pro 12, because I only purchased an upgrade license from 10.5 Pro to 12 Pro. Is it worth to try download a whole version? And my operating system is Windows 10.

There is only the full application to download. There is no update. You have to at least download the Cubase Pro 12.0.40 application.

Thanks for the tip, I am just trying it. I’ll keep you post.

I tried: downloaded, installed and started.

That is why I thought it is not worth to download the entire Cubase Pro 12 because on system check, it won’t find the proper license. I was right. :frowning:

Did you activate the license via the Activation Manager?

Have you followed the instructions under „ Requirements for installations without Steinberg Download Assistant“ on the link that I have sent you? You need the Steinberg Activation Manager.

The licence already activated, yes.

Succeed! :slight_smile: I forget to install Library Manager. Installed it and works. Thank you Matthias, you really helped me out!