Failed installation taking up hd-space

Hi everybody,

I use windows 7.
I tried to install cubase 8 artist and I cleared up 19 gigs of space on my C; drive (15 is required). Howerver, during the installation I got an error reporting that there wasn’t enough free space on my HD. (I checked and there was less than 1 gb left !?) I cancelled the installation, removerd all the installed items from the windows control panel to start a fresh installation. I was hoping to try and install the libraries on my D: drive, which has enough free space.
However, after deinstallation, there is only 6,9 gb of free space left on my c: drive (I cleared up 19 gb!) and I can’t seem to figure out what’s taking up this free space. I checked alle the steinberg folders in program files, appdata and programdata, but I can’t find anything.

What’s talking up my free space? I’m completely in the dark.


Have you tried doing System Restore and rolling back to the state the system was in before you tried the install? Might be the simplest way of sorting it.

No don’t restore , check in your Document folder for other versions of Cubase 8 that have unpacked them selves but not installed . i had the same issue which ate up 46 gig because of installs not installing properly . if they are not in the My docs folder do a "RUN " for cubase 8 and see how many you have on your C drive

I wanted to do a fresh install of cubase pro 8 to free up space on my main c:drive which is an SSD and install cubase on my D:drive but the installer failed just after selecting the install paths and lost space on my main drive, did you ever have any luck finding where the space is being taken up? I’ve looked in all the places you might expect the installer to unpack but no trace of it. Cheers

Works better/faster on c: drive- just a heads up;)

get folder size by mind gems it’s great for showing whats taken space on drives

This morning after a good night sleep I was able to find them in this location

computer/local disc (c:)/users/username/appdata/local/temp

In the temp folder were two folders called “Rar$EXa0.033” and “Rar$EXa0.270” each one contained folders called “cubase 8” and were 12GB each in size.