Failed to get the license over and over again

I use Cubase 10.5

Back in January I upgraded to Cubase 11. It had lot’s of bugs, but I didn’t really care since I knew the 12 is about to be released. But than 12 was released, and according to Steinberg website I’m eligible for free upgrade, but I just failed to get the license over and over again.

The eLicenser maintenance fails over and over again (in step 5).
Same is the Steinberg activation manager.

An email I sent to the support was never answered. Did Steinberg join the the world trend of not giving a ■■■■ on their customers once they gave their credit card? It used to different. I use Cubase for 22 years now, and I do remember times where I needed their support and got it easily. Today even just finding a way to contact them took me the same amount of time as it would to mix a new song.

If there’s anybody here that know how to approach this problem, I’d be happy to get some help…

First thing to check is whether you e-licenser software is up to date?

I’d recommend opening the Steinberg download manager application - and it will check for updates and install the latest as necessary.

After it’s completed those updates - maybe try again?

If it does fail once more, are you able to get a screenshot? (Careful not to disclose any personal ID’s)

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Thanks for the fast reply!!

The Download center indeed recognized a newer version of the eLicenser and installed it. But again it failed at step 5, and the Grace Period Check got an error again :smiling_face_with_tear:

Did you open the e-licenser control center and allow it to run maintenance tasks too?

A screenshot of the error you’re getting would be very helpful.

I’ve just deleted both the eLicenser, and activation manager, installed the latest version, and having the same problem

Upload an image of your elicenser control center so people can see what you’re seeing. Obfuscate serial numbers.