Failed Wavelab Upgrade Attempt AFTER giving credit cared inf

I received an email offering an upgrade from Wavelab 7 to Wavelab 8 and a free upgrade to 8.5 when it becomes available. The procedure asked for my username and it could not recognise my username/email address where the offer (and other Steinberg communications because I own a Cubase 6 license as well) had been sent. I re-registered using a another email address and I was prompted for my credit card details which I filled out. After moving to the next section I got a page saying that:

The order is not yet entered into the system, please wait for the confirmation e-mail.”

I have waited nearly 5 days and I have still not received any email concerning this. I am worried because I have submitted my credit card details in attempting to pay for the upgrade. What is going on? :angry:


I have informed our Sales department. You will be contacted asap.


I received a private message from the Sales department but I can’t respond to that message with the requested email address because when I try to compose a message it says I can’t because I haven’t participated in the forum enough. The message requested the email address I used to place the order. Can I disclose that email address here?

Yes, please!

Please send me PM.

The email address I used was