Failure to license and open new Cubase Eiements 9

I bought Cubase Elements 9 about 5 days ago and I can’t get any help from Steinberg support.I downloaded the mac version first by mistake (they didn’t show too clearly which was which) I went back and managed to download the pc version but when I opened it I couldn’t license it with the codes they gave me. I have Cubase le4 on an old computer and that seems to be licensed now on my new computer but what do I know? I’m sure this glitsch or error on my part could be fixed in 5 seconds if someone would just get back to me.I think I’m going to try the whole buying process all over and cancel the first try after the fact. It’s the only thing I can think of. I don’t want to wait forever! Mark Ransom

Hi Mark,

Did you purchase an upgrade to Elements 9 or the full version? If you purchased the upgrade, you will first need to reactivate the LE 4 license on your PC. You can find instructions here:

If LE 4 is already successfully activated, what error message are you receiving when you attempt to activate the Elements 9 license?

I would also verify that you purchased the correct upgrade (from LE/AI) instead of from Elements. We occasionally get those.