Failure with Groove Agent after installing Dorico 5

When installing Dorico 5 I had these messages that certain files failed to move.
Dorico 5 seems to run okay but I did not discover any Groove Agent.
I already reinstall everything as was suggested by other posters. Same problem.
What to do?

Check the permissions on the source and destination folders specified in the error messages. Make sure they’re writable by all users.

Thanks Daniel,
Unfortunately this was too little info for me to make it work. But the 5.020 update is out now! I hope this solves the problem? Do you advise to run the Dorico Pro 5 update only or install the complete Dorico Pro 5?

No, the 5.0.20 update will not fix your issue.
You need to run the Steinberg Library Manager with admin rights. Here is an article which describes how you can do that. Or do you have a dedicated administrator account on your computer? Then log into that one and run the Library Manager from there.

Thanks Ulf, it looks complicated and is maybe dangerous to ruin my operating system…
Is this the simpelist way to make Groove Agent work?

First of all, it may look complicated, but it is not soooo difficult.
And also, it does not ruin your operating system.
Second, the simplest solution would be to leave the GrooveAgent vstsound files there where they are, you don’t need to move them around.

But if you want to move them, well, then you need to fiddle with the access right, otherwise no luck.

Ulf, I do not want to move things, the warnings about ‘failed moves’ appeared after the Dorico installation. I always do the standard installation, to avoid this problems.
But I’ll give it a try.