Faint instrument playback

I noticed in a concert band setting, my current project, that one instrument is not playing at the same level as all the others, which match. I have been fiddling with things in the play mode to see where I can adjust it and raise it to a comparable level with the rest of the band. Any thoughts where I should look?

I’ve also started to experience similar. Yesterday I started a new project from scratch, adding solo players. When playing back, even at max volume, it sounds weak.

What sound library are you using for playback?

The one provided. I have not added any.

You could try adjusting the level in the VST rather than playing around with the Dorico mixer.

Actually I was looking at the VST to see what I could come up with, not the mixer. I just need to educate myself better with the functions.

Note that all mixer faders are set at -6dB which is often too soft. Try putting them all at 0dB, it should sound a little bit over the double in volume (12dB if you put the master fader at 0dB too) which should already make things better. HALion HSO is suite old and not as curated as could be, so you might need to raise the volume of one weaker instrument…