Faith Ain't A Path To Truth

While my drummer friend was over I had him play on a new tune I’ve just written.

This is a pretty raw recording. Recorded the drums with one room mic.
Played a friend’s Coodercaster into a Todd Sharp JOAT 1 x 12 combo.
Sang into a Warm WA14 mic.
RME Fireface 802 interface.

Great tune and great sentiment. You get such a good sound. What’s a Coodercaster? I’m assuming it’s connected to Ry of that ilk but in what way? Great sound as always with your guitars.


A coodercaster is a stratocaster styled guitar that Ry Cooder plays that has a Supro lap steel pickup at the bridge and a gold foil pickup in the neck position. The pickups have a unique sound. Do a google search and you’ll get a better description. Anyhow thanks for commenting Steve.

Very nice recording. Sounds very nice :slight_smile:

Another clever little number, thanks a lot! Had never heard of a Coodercaster. Very interesting sound. I wish you had a couple more mics on the drums.

Thanks for your comments and advice. Regarding the drums, I recorded them with 6 mics. Kick , snare, 2 overheads, and bottom of the snare and 1 room mic. During mixing I felt that one room mic fit the song better and made it a bit more natural and less produced.