Faking a duplet in 12/8 which is really 4/4

I have a piano piece on three staves in which the top one is in 12/8 and the lower ones in 4/4. By following much-appreciated guidance on this forum, I’ve been able to make the ‘12/8’ repeated quavers all look exactly as they should, being in reality triplets with the numbers and brackets hidden.

However, in the bar before the top stave joins the others in being in 4/4, the last beat becomes what should look like a duplet in 12/8 time (in reality, of course, just two straight quavers in 4/4 impersonating a duplet). How do I achieve this? Is it a matter of creating using a text object that looks like a duplet number?

Inputting a 2:2e tuplet should handle this natively :slight_smile: (tuplets in Dorico don’t actually “have” to be tuplets - they can exactly match their standard duration if required)

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What a wonderfully elegant and simple solution! Thank you so much!