Faking grace notes

I have a lot of cases where the grace note overlaps the starting note. I know how to fake this out with tuplets and scaling to grace size. Usually I can get the formula for the ratio but in this case I am stumped.

Your kind help appreciated experts!

[Don’t aske me why the composer always does this.]

Is that 6 8ths in the space of a dotted eighth? If so, it would be:

4 (set unit to 16th notes)
; (tuplet mode)
12:3 (12 16ths in the space of three)
5 (switch to 8th notes)
enter the notes

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Dotted 16.

Then what @dan_kreider wrote but set the rythmic value to 32nds and make a 24:3 tuplet.


Brilliant, all!

Thanks very much! This always confuses me for some reason.