Faking tab


I havn’t found any other threads for this, but if I missed something then I appologize!

I managed to fake some bass tablature. It’s not super pretty and it is pretty tedious, but it is doable if you just need something small. I added 4 bass drums to a percussion kit grid and renamed them G, D, A and E. Then I added whole notes to all the bars and set the opacity to 0. Then I just added shift+x-texts at the correct rythmic positions in write mode, changing the font to Bravura. When all the numbers were inputed I manually moved them down in engrave mode. If you select all the notes on a certain string before moving them down it doesn’t take that long. I havn’t had the time to check how well Dorico handles layout changes, but I assume a good idea is to do all your layout work before inputting the tab.

Wow! That’s dedication to the cause. I’m impressed with your ingenuity and determination.

I found another workaround to write tab in Dorico, and I made a short video showing the two methods for writing tab. It also shows you how to hide rests on percussion staves.