Faking ties


I sometimes like to tie notes with different techniques, like natural harmonics to ordinario. In Dorico, the two notes are obviously different, so they can’t be really tied.

Is there a way to create a “courtesy” or “fake” tie? I could use a slur, but I’m not sure this is the correct way. Then, it would not be immediate with multiple notes in a chord.

How do you do?



Use a second voice, set voice column index to zero, and tie the two same voices together.

If you want the displayed note to be a different notehead, scale the true-tied note to 1%.

It’s not often that I disagree with Dan, but in this case, I’d just write the tied note as normal (in one voice), switch to Engrave mode, select the single notehead that I want to change and change it (from the context menu). No need for workarounds.

Ah, yes. I was thinking of more far-out examples, but Leo’s right that it’s straighforward here.

Thank you to both. While the method suggested by Pianoleo is perfectly fine from a graphical point of view, it wouldn’t, as far as I can understand, play two different techniques. The diamond-head note will still play ordinario.

The method described by Dan seem much more complex to do, but it should separate the two techniques.

However, I would find much easier to write the two notes separately, in the same voice, and add a tie with no playback effect. Like the slur I used for my example, but without any consequence on playback (a slur would trigger legato).


There’s no way to add a tie that doesn’t affect playback. You can surpress the playback of selected slurs, but not ties.

You could add a slur instead, but it will require tweaking to make it look like a tie… probably more work than my suggestion, which is pretty easy I think.

You can change the duration of the tied note, either by editing the piano roll in Play mode, or with the Playback End Offset property (which has 480 units per quarter note).

Dan’s point is that “two tied notes” are actually ONE note, so far as Dorico is concerned, so you can’t “mute the note after the tie” or a similar idea.

I think you can get this to work by using different voices and then enabling independent playback of voices. If I recall correctly, Dorico currently ignores the tie during playback.

would it be a solution to use a “Laissez vibrer Tie” on the first note?
it would have to be moved in engrave mode to look like a tie between the two notes, but the different techniques should play.

Maybe, but it’s very short and non tied to the second note, so I wouldn’t use it. Too much editing involved, I fear.