Falcon, Spectrasonics, Nexus

Anybody that has all three…or maybe exposure to said synthesizers…how do you rate the overall sound quality of the three?

Keeping my Gas down to one synth a YEAR so this is PROGRESS!

Amadeus e.d.p.

I only have Falcon, and the sound quality is great.

Thanks for your reply D.I. Question…are there decent bread and butter sounds in there? Are they better than Halion?

What about the workflow? Do you like its filters better?

Amadeus e.d.p.

It doesn’t have a large library from the start, like HALion. But it comes with a $100 voucher so you can get some libs of your choice from UVI’s offering: UVI Falcon Expansions - UVI (these are all unlocked an you can examine how they’re made).

If you’re looking for a rompler substitute I think HALion has better libs from the start. But Falcon is much nicer as a music making synth and sound design tool. Much better modulation, more varied arpeggiators and sequencers.

I prefer Falcon’s UI and workflow. Is much more modular than HALion. As many envs as you want, same for LFOs or any other modulator. HALion is much more rigid in comparison. But HALion has some nice things as well.

I think the best way to see is to buy a one month SonicPass subscription from UVI. It does cost money, but gives you access to everything in their offering, so you can check Falcon and all their expansions for a month.

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I have all three and they all have great sounds. But it’s also highly depends on the genre you’re in?
But if I’d really would have to choose one I’d personally go for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. It’s just more versatile than the others. And the edibility is much better.

Falcon is great but as a standard package it’s quite limited. It’s only interesting if you’re willing to buy additional add-on packs. But the downside is that the edibility on those packs is quite limited.

Nexus is a great rompler! It has everything you’d want for a modern synth for today’s music. The downside is the edibility. The sounds in general are great. There’s just not much you can do to adjust them.

All compared to Halion?

I always considered Halion to be a good samples but the content supplied by Steinberg is way below average! Whenever I go through the sounds I can’t help but feel it all sounds like General Midi. I still have version 6 and I’m not sure things have improved with 7? Can anyone elaborate if
the content is also updated with 7 besides the FM part? Or is it overall just the same content as 6?

So for me, if I’d have to move to a desert island and only could pick one I’d go for Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

Not sure what you mean by that? The Falcon expansions are completely editable. In fact, they’re some of the best ways to learn the depths of doing advanced stuff with Falcon.

You probably mean the knobs and sliders you can see and edit on the main screen. When you dive deeper into the program you’ll see there are restrictions as apposed to like Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

Not at all, they’re completely editable at any level.

Try Omnispere and you’ll know what I mean.

I don’t need to try anything as it has nothing to do with Omnisphere. The patches in Falcon’s extensions are fully editable, that’s all.

I sold Omnisphere a few years back as it was too cinematic for me and not worth the disk space it was using (for my needs)- If it’s bread and butter you want, I wouldn’t put that high up the list.

Falcon is the standout for me, it gets good support and a large eco system to dive into with modules that aren’t all that badly priced. It’s enjoyable to use too.

What kind of sounds are you wanting from either of these? I think that’s the key question.


Sweet and thanks! I played the “Demo” Falcon VIA the Free UVI Player and the sounds were pretty stank. Like stank with cheese. I was kinda surprised they put those sounds as demo’s.

Given the option…would you want Falcon or Spectrasonics?

Amadeus e.d.p.

I hear you N.D.

I had to remaster the ENTIRE LIBRARY. Yikes. I wouldn’t call it “General Midi” level. I would say early Motif B Side Samples that didn’t make the cut into the hardware.

Like lots of room resonance. Boomy sounding guitars. The super boomy reverb presets.

No the library is still the same…but you get the new guitar which is ok, and the new FM synth and about 800 PLUS really basic presets. To MY ears…they don’t sound very good but then again I’m not really BIG on FM.

No other library changes. That was a lost opportunity in my opinion. I THINK Steinberg needs to do a big .5 release soon to add some creativity to Halion and give us some better samples!

And not to beat a dead horse…some of the other synth engines from Yamaha! Give us the Motif XF as an expansion pack. That would NAIL Roland and their Roland Cloud.

The thing is this. People LOVE the Motif Sound…but not everybody has $1399 for a used workstation and people are buying these things ALL DAY LONG on the web and Steinberg gets ZERO PROFIT from it. I would sell a Motif XF expansion for $299 and I BET most of us HAL users would get it!

Amadeus e.d.p.

I actually developed my own Workstation based on Hal Called SkyFall Ski so I’m kinda looking for something with less bread and butter and more creative sound sculpting and HIGH QUALITY SAMPLES.

Omnisphere is I think under 50GB right? Good thing you don’t have to deal with SKY…it’s like 150GB of brand new material. 7 Years. I’m exhausted.

Amadeus e.d.p.

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UVI Workstation has nothing to do with Falcon, completely irrelevant as a “demo”.
Never used Omnisphere so can’t help with that.

Thanks for the info and confirmation. I suspected the basic library would still be the same besides the added FM module. Although it can create some nice and original sounds FM is also not my first objective when looking for a new sound engine.
So for me not really interesting enough to do the upgrade to Halion 7 at this point. I’ll probably wait for the next summer sale or something like that to come along.

I disagree. The sounds are exactly the same. Same engine. Now they may have included Naff demo sounds but I have a couple UVI synths and they aren’t that amazing.

Amadeus e.d.p.