Hey all,

I finished another today. That’s 2 in 2 days for me! I think I got the bass to the right level in my first mix this time :slight_smile:

This is a song is called “Fall” and I wrote several years ago and I wanted to re-record it with the gear and knowledge that I have now and ended up changing the whole song up. It now has a bit of disco feel to it but I think it works.


All comments welcome and enjoy!


Nice songwriting :sunglasses: Good recording too

One suggestion: first, the hi-hat could come up considerably, in order to provide some rhythmic context. Also, I’d consider making the hi-hat more complicated – syncopated 16th notes, for example, instead of boring straight eighth notes.

The entire drum kit needs to come up considerably, it’s pretty buried back there.

I’m having some trouble discerning the vocal. Your voice, like mine, is a bit on the nasally side. There’s nothing wrong with that, you have a good voice, but it needs a bit of treatment so it kind sit in the mix better.

A good song like this needs a much stronger ending!

Overall, good work :sunglasses:

Hi twilightsong,

Thanks for tips, really appreciate that. I’d say you’re pretty spot on so I’ll have to spend some time to incorporate your feedback! :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening,