Fallback technique greyed out

I’m working on an expression map and one of the articulations is spiccatissimo. I’ve had to create the technique but I can’t get the expression map to play it back. Everything appears to be set up correctly but the Playing Techniques lane in Play Mode doesn’t show spiccatissimo, even though it’s indicated in the score.

I have noticed that in the Edit Playback Techniques screen, if I try to change the Fallback technique, spiccatissimo is greyed out which suggests something fundamental is wrong. I’ve tried for about an hour to get this working, checking everything, re-inputting etc. but I’m stumped. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I wonder whether you’ve inadvertently renamed one of the built-in playback techniques, or something like that? Can you share the project itself?

Thanks Daniel. I think you’ve put your finger on it - I copied the Spiccato Playback technique and probably got in a muddle when I was renaming them. Anyway, I started from scratch again and all is working as it should.

On a different tack, the map I’m setting up is for the Stradivari Violin from NI’s Cremona Quartet. All I have in the project while I’m setting up the map is a single Instrument (Violin) and a single instance of Kontakt which has a multi loaded into 10 midi channels. All the samples are purged. The project has 12 bars, only four of which have any written music. It’s coming at 48.3 Mb - that’s a lot larger than any of my other files and I’m trying to work out why.

I imagine it’s because the state saved by Kontakt is very large for that particular library.

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Thanks Daniel. I’ll get in touch with NI and see if there’s any way I can reduce the size.