False 'Disk Overload' reported? - With realtime export (Waves Studiorack/Studiogrid)


I am having Cubase 10 consistently halt in the middle of rendering audio in real time, reporting ‘disk overloads’ when using any project which requires me to do a real time render. The Waves Studiorack/studiogrid plugin which I use in all my projects requires Cubase to be used in real-time render. I’m on a high spec 18 core 128gb Windows machine with 6 SSD drives in it - no bottlenecks and certainly never any disk speed issues!

This seems to possibly be related to this topic…https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=117438&p=760893&hilit=waves+soundgrid#p760893

But, opening my cubase 10 project in 9.5 allows me to render the project in real time without issues. hmmm…

Have any of you Cubase gurus got any ideas why Cubase 10 is treating studiorack/studiogrid differntly to 9.5? And if steinberg ever did anything with the symptoms mentioned in the other forum post above?



The solution for this problem is to “switch all to local CPU” on Studiorack. You should then be able to export or render in non-realtime / offline, as there are no external plugins (i.e. the Soundgrid hardware system) used. But Cubase still gives the message “External plug-in is used. Rendering must be done in realtime!”

The problem seems to be in the way the Studiorack plugin is loaded in Cubase. This was the reply I got from Waves when I contacted them:

Thank you for contacting Waves Tech Support.

StudioRack in Cubase does not allow offline export as it is being loaded in Cubase as a DSP plugin.
There is no workaround and all exports in Cubase must be real-time.
This is also mentioned in the Supported Hosts tab of StudioRack.

With other DAW’s it is possible to do offline exporting & processing using Studiorack - it simply acts as a plugin-chainer, even without the hardware Soundgrid system connected. If it’s possible with other DAW’s, why can’t it work that way with Cubase?

I have a Soundgrid server in my studio that I can’t really use because of this. I would love to see this issue resolved.