'Family Name' sort field in MediaBay - anyone using this and how do you use it?

Tidying up my MediaBay, and I’m trying to figure out how to best utilize this particular field and I’m flip flopping on it.

I think it’s use will change depending on what type of result it belongs to.

Name| Rateing |Library Manufacturer | Library Name | Family Name…

I think I’ve decided that, if it is to ever do with a certain piece of analog hardware - whether it’s an impulse response, or an 1176 plugin… ‘Family Name’ will be used to group together particular hardware pieces by name. So that if I want a BX20e1 spring reverb, I can find all I have of it by ‘Family Name’

But how else could ‘Family Name’ be used in other instances?


I’ve never used that attribute, but looking at the items in my Media Bay that have something in Family Name it appears to be defined (or not) by a Library’s developer - a set of midiloops in the same style, a set of related samples, etc.

I think maybe if they have multiple libraries of a similar Genre, ie

Manufacturer| Jazz Drums Vol1| Manufacture Jazz Drums
Manufacturer| Jazz Drums Vol2| Manufacture Jazz Drums
Manufacturer| Jazz Drums Vol3| Manufacture Jazz Drums