Fanned beams sys. breaks staff vis. etc. just a note

1). Trying to solve the lack of proper fanned beams dialogue option in Dorico I have decided to imitate that effect by mimicking it with notes later to be hidden but played - where the actual fanned beam graphics is shown but will not play.
2). After watching the very helpful video of Discover Dorico - I wanted to remove sys. & frm. brks. to reset layout, but due to the need of hiding the mimicking fanned beams notes I am getting the Sys.Brk. + staff vis. as one preset in applicable staves, erasing both creates definitely non desired result in the score due to music loss. I attempted to resolve this by “show all” or reset but for no avail.
3). I was also trying to copy some of the music but for some reason it will not copy selected material in exact manner - I don’t know why.
4). I have decided to save as a copy and remove everything from bar x aiming a redo with a hope to achieve something more ordered if I can. If not using the old ways of pen and paper comes to mind…
this is just a note… I forgot how to send in the project file…

If you want to have fanned beams playing back somewhat correctly I would recommend you using tuplets (and nested tuplets) and then hiding the tuplet brackets and numbers in the properties panel. Then just select all the notes and create a fanned beam. No need for a second staff.

That then should also solve your second problem. Staff visibility lives in system breaks and there is no workaround for that.

to 3.) If something is not copied, it means it’s either hidden (like tuplets) or not selected (system objects like chords). Make sure to show and also select all signposts, as well as maybe make a selection via the system track.

I don’t understand your question in 4) unfortunately.

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Thanks very much for your very helpful reply I’ll sure try that.
*my q4 → I felt that I was putting in lots of time with no much advancement… got a panic attack…
*Another Q if you please… - in Ideal (min.) gap - when working on a two pianos arrangement - I take it that staff to staff / to group / to staff group ( 3 upper options ) - will have no effect? probably they are more for orchestral or chamber settings?
I am trying to set proper layout values but it effects each page differently , realized I had to remove all dynamics in the piece and rework them after proper laying out…
Thanks again for your reply.

Staff to staff will set the gap between the pianos. There is a interstaff distance for mult-staff instruments, which is different than staff to staff.
And of course System to System also should affect the layout.

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Thanks again, I was trying to use the upper options but it has no fx… don’t know what am I doing wrong…
Also - due to title spacing consideration - I was trying to split the flow in order to apply different page layout options on it but only the 1st layout has the music so I can’t change spacing for that 2nd flow or so it seems… is there a way around that? I tried to cut & paste to a new flow using the sys. track but it seems it doesn’t copy the music correctly also to my surprise trying to attach a custom layout to the new flow also erased the music in it…

It’s hard to diagnose without seeing the project.

If you want you could also use „split flow“ to create 2 flies out of one and split the first flow at a certain point.

In engrave mode you can have note spacing changes, which apply from the point you apply them forward.

But I would recommend you maybe going through the first steps guide to grasp some of the key concepts in Dorico, namely flows, layouts and system objects.

thanks very much for your reply.