Fanned beams torture

1). Using the fanned beam notation will not give articulative value to the fanned beam, one has to defined it by themselves.
2). Doing so one will look for the tempo track and will try to define the tempo stream. It took me a while to find although it was steering at my eyes… perhaps one good screen shot would have been better than all of those little arrows…
3). Quantizing issues. tried to repair - won’t accept. it plays an 1/16 two notes (chord) as a trill… than after I Q it, it gives me a 1/32 notes rests where the trilling appears… I set the insert and screen res. to 1/16 -why should there be a Q issue at all? I was trying to check this manually via piano roll but have found no deviation there.
4). Unable to insert more notes into the X time bar, I had to delete everything and start again.
5). for some reason - although I set the flow layout options not to allow this - it spreads the X bar over several systems, I had to go through page formatting in engrave mode - although you recommend against this - to return into sensible working surface.
6). In Tempo - for what ever reason - it opens for that X bar a bar 4 screens long - so it was practically impossible to maintain gradual rhythmic change. The little zoom i/o tool will not help, (also it seats over low tempo values…) Why this huge bar for 24 notes? I don’t know.
7). A simple solution would be - if rightly the fanned beam wont give articulative values - to open a dialogue box which defines all of these in one shot.
8). Redo… ( I got to be crazy, got to have a real need… )

Please upload the project, as per the (fourth) simple guideline.

This text list really doesn’t give anyone enough information about what you’re actually seeing on screen.


Thanks for your willingness.
I have deleted that measure and started again.
In addition - when I copy the fanned beam - it doesn’t copy the tempo graph changes - so I have to redefine it all over again.
will send the project a.s.a.p. last measures.
will send in private.