Fans spinning up full speed???

I have a new 2018 MBP installed Nuendo 8 and after opening a very small session my fans spin up to what seem full speed. I read this was an issue on the cubase forum with something to do with the discrete graphics and it was going to be addressed? Anyone else having this issue or a way to fix this? Its very annoying.


Are we allowed to make anti-Mac comments…


Seriously though; other than looking at Apple-specific sources like forums etc, I’d probably try switching to different video file types - assuming that the graphics processing was the issue. So grab the video in the project that creates this spin and re-export it to different formats and try that.

That’d be my first stop testing it at least.

For me (not on a mac tho but on a win7 laptop) it helped to turn off steinberg power scheme and make my own custom settings…

I was not even using video. i was mixing a mono podcast with a few plugins.

just say ing

Try different plugins?

I will but its stuff i use daily like waves and isotope.

i guess it is what it is.

Well, as far as I know the linear Waves dynamics and EQ plugins were fairly heavy on the processors (at least a few years back), and the same goes for several of the iZo RX plugins. I’m not sure which ones you’re using, but I could see that sudden taxing of that CPU could cause it to ramp up power consumption and thus cooling requirements.

Is this the i9 model that had severe throttling at launch? If so it could be that they tweaked it to use more aggressive cooling to maintain performance.

yes it is the i9… whats crazy is my 2010 mbp I could do a huge session on in nuendo 8. granted it was sluggish. the fans never even turned on. its all very strange.

it’s not really that weird. Intel has made a chip that gets really hot when pushed. Apple in turn made this pretty device that’s very thin because that’s what users want. Thin device means harder to cool in a lot of cases. Like in this case.

Push the device = increase fan speed.

In my opinion this is just the effect of poor design, and it isn’t the first time.

well i guess ill look into a mat cooler of some sort. Bummer.

It’s too bad that there doesn’t seem to be a process in place to deal with some issues.

There is, it’s just up to Apple to cool better.