Fantom G6 into Nuendo Problems MIDI


I have spent four infuriating hours trying to get my Fantom G6 to connect via my Prism Orpheus into Nuendo 4. I need to record the audio and the MIDI but on separate tracks. We are sending the MIDI off to be produced and I need the audio to use for the drum tracking.

I recorded all my samples into my Fantom first. Then, I connected the midi in and out into my Prism Orpheus. I opened Nuendo and created a MIDI track. I set the in/out to be Orpheus MIDI.

I did not get any signal and it would not record. I then tried to install the Fantom G6 drivers, and nothing. I then tried to open up the MIDI device menu and the Fantom wasn’t on the list. I tried various Roland keyboards on the list and still nothing. I am getting audio signal via the Orpheus just no MIDI.

I know I am close to succeeding and just need some assistance in the matter. I have a feeling it is either something very easy, or just a bunch of various steps that I am doing out of order.

I have successfully synced up the Fantom into Nuendo, however, now all that is showing up is just a black bar.
It is transmitting data because the bar now shows activity. But, no midi is able to be recorded.