Farewell, Solbrunn (Viola, Guitar, Piano)

Hi folks!

“Farewell, Solbrunn” is a one-day project - don’t expect a soundtrack, but I think it’s audible, and I’d love to share it!

Farewell, Solbrunn @SoundCloud

Made with Cubase 6.5, Viola from VSL, Guitar from Acoustic Legends, Piano from… well - HAlion Sonic SE. :slight_smile:


superb !!!

Beautiful great use of viola articulations!

Sounds very good! It has a Celtic feel to it.
The viola sounds pretty convincing, well done! :sunglasses:


Very enjoyable. I also listened to Celtic Spring - another nice progression.

Is Solbrunn in Sweden? I thought it sounded quite Celtic-like as well.


Nice composition! Gets better as it goes along :sunglasses:

Thank you!

Thank you… it’s so much easier to work with those with Cubase. I’m in love with the expression maps; not just for convenience, but also for creative reasons. If changing articulations is no longer a pain with CC-Automation or Keyswitches that clutter the piano roll and mess up when transposed, it’s so much easier (and more encouraging) to use them a lot.

Thank you, good sir! I’ll happily return that compliment; I’ve been browsing your website a while ago already - there’s some impressive music on there, and the video of you playing all those instruments & doing the vocals is really well done.

Solbrunn is in Sweden, yes, which is kind of a coincidence. It’s a name I came up with for my ‘fantasy world’, there Solbrunn is a freezing cold place in the north (not that far off!). I only found out that there’s a ‘real’ Solbrunn out there later on.

Thank you! Rather that way than the opposite. :slight_smile:

Sounds great :slight_smile:

The viola articulations are very good, it sounds great. The overall feel of the piece is great too. I thought the melody could have been a bit stronger and catchy in relation to the chords and the trills sounded a bit meh and alien to it tbh.

Good job with it.

Loved it. Evokes a lot of emotion, which is difficult to do in a short piece. Your other pieces are also very accomplished. Great work.