Fast forward/Rewind not working properly

I want fast forward and rewind to work by default as they do in every other DAW I’ve ever seen. I.E they stop and start on my mouse button presses/releases. At the moment the fast forward and rewind are toggled on by a mouse click and just continue until stopped by ANOTHER mouse click on the stop/play/return to start etc. buttons. Very annoying and just about useless… I HOPE this is a bug which will be fixed soon as if it’s a feature, who asked for it? Anybody? A total disruption in the workflow which Steinberg claims to care so much about.

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The key commands still work as expected…

Num + + and Num + -

Transport functions has been broken since cubase 8.5 and it is still broken in cubase 12.
If you need a transport, a other DAW is to be recommended. It have been reported on this forum and I have created support case for it more than once.

I made this same mistake in my MR script. But I also fixed it there.
If you have anything to use for transport control other than your mouse, that could be a solution.
If you set the MR to toggle it will start and stop, if you don’t when you let go, it stops.

Please see here