Fast note entry?!

So I’m trying to enter notes using a midi device (in my case it’s an Akai EWI wind controller). But if I enter the notes with less than a second of space in between the notes, it enters the notes as a chord instead of individual notes. NOT what I’m trying to do. So I have to hit undo every time and it’s VERY tedious. I would like to speed up my note entry without having my notes all clumping together as a chord! How can I change this setting???

A second? That’s crazy. Perhaps there’s too much latency?

Also: check the Quantization settings.

Can you describe the details of your setup a bit more? Model, OS, relevant hardware, etc.

The dead time interval for Dorico to treat notes as a chord is (I think) 100ms, certainly a lot faster than a second.

2021 Macbook Pro, running latest OS, and I’m using an Akai wind midi controller as my “keyboard”. So it’s not a typical midi keyboard entry.

That could well be the issue – if you’re getting little tiny notes generated in the MIDI stream, that could well cause Dorico to get confused.

If my math is right, 100ms would be 16th notes at quarter = 150, or 8th notes at quarter =300. If saxjunky is playing any rhythms faster than that, then they would exceed the speed limit for Dorico to treat them as individual notes using real time input with an EWI? (Obviously a second is nowhere close to that limit, just curious if those tempos are the theoretical limit.)

Yeah, no where near that speed of entry. Must be a wind controller sending too much data to Dorico, so it is what it is I guess. Slow note entry it is…