Fast or slow

Let me just say (as I am sure has been noted before) that Cubase 7 is s-l-o-w. Opening projects, closing them, scanning plugins, and other tasks are extremely slow. My PC has 16GB of RAM, so I can’t imagine the problem lies there. It can take well over a minute to unload and close a project. Hoping this can be fixed. :open_mouth:

I find C7 faster than previous versions.

your right for the loading of c7 up to loading of projects but i find loading the projects a lot faster and also there is no shut error as on 6.5 but again these issues are going to be the users computer related ,not all setups run the same but if thats the only issue you have then …it’s a small price to pay for progress :wink:



I’ve noticed especially on really big projects Cubase 7 seems to open them faster than 6.5…

Yep ! Definitely alot faster all around. I noticed a huge difference in loading times.

Odd that my initial thread title was rewritten.

I wonder why it is so much slower for me than 6.5. Plenty of RAM and a respectable AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.20GHz processor.

How many disk drives do you have? Are you using lots of VI’s?

Are you recording audio to the same drive that your OS and Cubase are on?

Are your VI’s samples also stored on this drive?

The number and configuration of your drives can dramatically affect your load times…

Hi Bill,

I have 4 drives:

  1. OS (System)
  2. Programs
  3. Data (Cubase projects are located here)
  4. Sounds

Not an unusual number of VIs. Maybe 4 or 5? Mostly audio tracks.

Didn’t you post the same question after Cubase 6 was launched? :mrgreen:
It’s certainly faster here.

I had no need to, as I did not find it especially slow on 6 and 6.5. Opening projects in Cubase 7 (and especially closing them) crawls on my PC. :frowning:

PS - I am tempted to change the title of this thread back to what it was when I posted it, as I did not intend this to be a poll (though the comments are helpful in that they are revealing). I’ll wait for the first maintenance update before I submit a support ticket.

I dont see any differences in start. But some old project from 6.5 is very very slow on response. GUI lags 10-15 seconds some times. And usually they crash very soon. I have not build any real big project from scratch in C7 yet.

What are your system specs?