fast set up for beginner

hi I searched this forum and terms you guys use are understandable for only professionals. I am singer and guitar player and decided to record my stuff at the quality that I can use to show potential sponsors. I have focus rite studio and cubase came with it. I need to know if there is fast set up for beginners. I managed to properly connect everything but I still think there should be better quality achieved. so I am asking if there is any good resource to start that can help me create proper interface


Aloha r, and welcome to the board. ‘E’ Komo Mai’.

There are many fine (free) tuts on YouTube.

Some by Steinberg and some by everyday users.

Also if you don’t mind paying a lil $$ there are some
very fine on-line/downloadable manuals as well.

Start by searching the board for Cubase tutorials.

Good Luck!

Here are the Steinberg Quick Start Videos for Cubase 7:

There are also some there for Cubase 7.5 if you have that instead.

If this is your first time recording music, something like this might be helpful before you even get started, or at least at the same time: , or (I haven’t looked at either one in detail, but they look like they might be pretty good starting points for beginners.

Apologies if I misunderstood your post, and that you are way beyond that level … no offense intended!

thanks I needed exactly those links. I am musician and write music but now it is time to record and demonstrate to potential sponsors. I need to achieve as best quality as possible with limited equipment I have at home.

I have Focusrite 2i2 it records vocals and guitar in separate inputs. but I have feeling I am missing something. guitar quality is good but vocal is not that good. there should be easy mixing fix I am sure