Fast way to move all VST plug-ins to new Macbook Pro?

I have a new Macbook Pro and need to migrate all my VST plugins onto it. Does anyone know a way of doing this without manually reinstalling every plugin / library?

I do not want to use the apple migration assistant as a fresh install is much faster.

Thanks for help!

It depends on the plug in…

Native Instruments doesn’t recommend using Migration Assistant / Time Machine / Carbon Copy Cloner.

See link below:

When I upgraded to SSD I had to reinstall everything. Cubase was the fastest and easiest because of the e-licenser. Take a day off from recording and do it the sure way. You may run into issues if you try to do it the fast way.

Also Cubase 7.5 needs 6, 6.5 and 7 all installed to work correctly.