Faster loading time possible?


Very often I need printing parts for different instruments and scores. ( education - classroom )
Loading dorico 2.2 takes a long time.
I suppose the audio engine is responsible for that.
Is it possible to load faster if one only need to print something?

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You can change the PlayBack Template to Silence, but I don’t know if that actually stops the Audio Engine from loading (and you’d have to change it back when you wanted to create a new document). I don’t think there’s any function to control what parts of the program get loaded.

How long is a long time? Dorico takes about 15 seconds to launch on my 2014 MacBook Pro.
And how often do you need to relaunch it each day?

If you don’t need to edit the scores every time you print, you could make a full set of parts as PDFs, and print them when you need them without running Dorico at all.

Hello Rob,

I already did that but it is not as practical as it looks.
Makes editing afterwards impossible.


If you need to edit something, you’ll probably have to put up with Dorico’s loading time. If, as stated in your original post, you just need to print something, then it couldn’t hurt to have had the forethought to generate PDFs the previous time you printed.

Hello pianoleo,

Managing a classroom with all different kind of instruments is not simple.
( brass, woodwinds, percussion )
I don’t need to edit while printing but not having to export to pdf would reduce file clutter by a factor 20.
A bit hard to explain.
I understand loading time of dorico is not a problem in the workflow of most users.
Kind regards, Johan

Ah - now I understand.

You might be best setting the playback template to “Silence” for all of your projects. Also, at least in Dorico 2, you don’t actually need to wait for the HALion racks to fill up; as soon as the Dorico splash screen has disappeared you can get to work.