Faster Offline Bouncing

Hello I would like to request that Steinberg please make offline bouncing in cubase 9.5. Faster. It is bouncing much slower than the other daws. Thanks. Love the program Much respect.

It is bouncing as fast as your CPU can process the data and your drive can read/write.

Yes. I get that. But when I bounce full song on logic or protools on my same computer the bounce is much faster. Can someone from Steinberg team get back to me?

Maybe you are not using same plugins, maybe other DAWs doesn’t auto switch specific plugins to over sampling, maybe you are using a different buffer size.

Also this is not official Steinberg Support, but simply a user forum, so don’t expect they will get back to you here in the forums.

faster bouncing would mean less rendering quality… slow is good :wink:

I had an hour long project that took an hour to export. When I played the project in real time, the CPU was in no way stressed, and there ASIO performance meter was showed plenty of power to spare. I’m using MacOS

Coming from Pro Tools, the offline bounce in Cubase feels extremely slow to me. And no, the resultant file is not superior. :laughing: