Faster shutdown of Protected Object Server

Is there a way to shut down “Protected Object Server” faster? I’d love to do rapid switching between Cubase and Dorico and counting the seconds for this to shut down drives me nuts. Thanks for any and all info.

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Can’t you run both at the same time? Works here with C12/Dorico 4SE on Win10.

Hi @fese , thanks for the reply. I’m running WinPro10 Cubase Pro 12 and Dorico Pro 4 with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rg gen interface. I can run both at the same time but I cannot edit both at the same time. Whichever I click on first grabs the audio and midi interface and won’t let go.

I did find these: How to connect multiple apps to one Midi device!! - YouTube
Use MIDIOX and LoopMIDI to route one midi device to multiple programs - YouTube

but have not tried them yet. FYI.

On Windows 10, multi-client ASIO and/or audio loopback is a problem for many (most?) audio interfaces. There’s potentially some 3rd party applications that may be able to help.

Unfortunately I can’t offer practical experience with that setup, because I’m using an RME audio interface/drivers, which can run multiple ASIO client applications simultaneously.

However, I can vouch for the combination of MIDI-OX and loopMIDI making it possible to effectively have multi-client MIDI on Windows. That works really well.

Interestingly enough, some MIDI hardware controllers can do multi-client MIDI on Windows without extra stuff.

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Thanks @Nico5 ! Now I’m VERY interested in the RME interface you use and which drivers you use with it. I checked them out and that might be my solution. I’m on Windows 10 Pro.

I believe any interface by RME is capable of multi client on Windows.
(I’m still rocking a Fireface 800 that was released in 2004(!) and it still works flawlessly on Win10.)

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Ah, yes,of course, I have an RME, too. Seems like multiclient ASIO is still an RME specialty? Well, one of the many reasons why their interfaces are worth the higher price of admission imho.

Haven’t tried it, but would it be possible to install ASIO4all and use e.g. that for Dorico and the “regular” ASIO driver for Cubase?

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In the 15+ years I’ve had it, it has payed for itself many times over. I will never buy another brand of audio interfaces.


I’m using the Digiface USB, but as others have already mentioned, all RME interfaces should work that way, since they use the same RME driver magic. I’m also on Win10 Pro.

p.s. I’m using my old audio interfaces as analog to ADAT converters and connect those to the RME Digiface USB. This was the least expensive way to get into the wonderful world of RME drivers for me.

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