Faster slur input

After a slur has be applied to the relevant pitches, is there a way to move to other pitches without using the mouse, or clicking on the pitch? It would be great if one could move to the next slur input location via arrow keys/tab/space bar or some combination. For the moment the fastest thing I can do is to select a slur and alt-click in other locations.

Am I missing something?


See ways of navigating around here.

Tab will typically select the first note under the slur you just inputted, then the right and left arrows move along stepwise and the Cmd/Ctrl-arrows should take you along a bar at a time.

Thank you both! I was/am familiar with how to get around in the score. What I was missing was the Tab>Arrow - I was hitting Tab, and a second Tab just selected the slur (vicious cycle!).

When I ask “am I missing something?”, the answer is usually “yes.” Thankfully you folks help me figure out what that is.

Much appreciated!