Faster Than Real Time Analysis With 3rd Party Plugins

I can’t figure out how to get faster than real time analysis in Wavelab with 3 different 3rd party plugins: Voxengo SPAN, Melda MLoudness Analyser, and TBPro Audio DP Meter. They all do the analysis correctly by rendering through them in Reaper. They all do the analysis correctly by selecting the “Apply” button in Audacity for a fast analysis. But I can’t get any of them to work in Wavelab except by playing the whole file in real time.

I’ve tried rendering through them. I’ve tried Render in Place. I’ve tried Analyze File Rendering. I’ve tried them in a whole different plugin host in Wavelab (Blue Cat Patchwork). But i can’t get anything to work.

Has anyone else tried this, with these or similar plugins?

Most probably because, for rendering, WaveLab does not use the visible plugin instances, but a copy of these plugins. Hence the visible plugins don’t know about rendering. They only know about playback.

Thanks PG. Makes sense. Audacity doesn’t work during “Render” (Export) either. But it does work during “Render In Place” (Apply). Reaper works during Render.