Faster than Shift+Option Click to Remove Input Routings on MIDI Channel

Is there a single click/key solution to removing all inputs on MIDI tracks?
I know I can make a Logical Editor ( project) to select all MIDI tracks), and pressing on the inspector to remove the input routing. However, is there a single action method to remove Input Routings on All MIDI Channels?

Project editor can be extended. It seems, like score editor, it is not enhanced for many years.


What are you seek to accomplish by removing all inputs for midi tracks? There might a a simpler way.

I am recording my external synth ( multi channel). It seems I get feedback (program changes ( voices)) to the external synth when I play the MIDI events. I have to record ( add as input) a song section by section, instrument by instrument, and playback, edit. …

I have played with Chase Events ( SysEx is removed), everything else is marked.

Thank you Steve.

Not sure I understand… Are you saying that while you record from your keyboard/synth, program changes seem to be sent to your external synth more than once?

Do you have local control turned off on the external synth?

I don’t have that psr a-3000 to check it out over here…

Yes. Local is off! a-3000 is almost identical to S770 and S970.

Wish I could be more help, maybe someone who has one of those will weigh in.