Fastest Mac for Cubase VST 5

Does anyone know the fastest Mac computer that will run Cubase VST 5? I’m currently using a G3/700 Mhz iMac, but I’m wondering if the software will run on a faster Mac. I have found that this version of Cubase WILL NOT run in Classic mode on an eMac G4 1.42 Mhz computer, but someone told me it will run on a 1 Ghz eMac providing it is booted in Mac OS 9.2.2



In general I think it will work on any PPC as long as it is running OS 9x, I think the fastest machine that could boot that OS was the dual processor “mirror” 1.25 or the later G4 single processor 1.25, if I remember it correctly they had very similar specs and identical performance when using one processor even though the motherboards are different. Not sure if the VST can take advantage of the dual processor setup.