Fastest way to bulk change?

I suspect I know the answer, but I’m asking just in case there’s been some new developments with the recent changed to scripting.

I need to make some small changes to 760 Dorico files. Specifically, I need to change the page size and the margins. As an added bonus, I’d love to change a couple font styles as well.

I’m a big fan of the library manager, but here it’s not measureably faster than changing these settings manually. What I’m wondering is if any wizards out there know how to script this to make batch changes to files. Open file, make changes, save, close.

I’m on WIndows. I’ve tried various marco recorders but they take more time to figure out (and troubleshoot) than they save, in my experience. That might be PEBCAK…

Thanks in advance for any help!

Paging @Alexander_Ploetz , if anyone would know how to do this, I imagine he would. I bought his ConsoleTools, got it installed … and then never had time to learn it, LOL, so I’m not really sure what’s possible with it yet. I’d be curious to hear if he thinks edits like this would be scriptable.

I made a macro in Keyboard Maestro (Mac) but since D5(?) is very sensitive to quick commands it crashes instantly. I had to put in 5 secs. delays at several places. It’s doable. I changed from A4 to A5 as a test. Power Automate on PC must be able to do the same, but I don’t know this program at all. It looks competent.

It’s unfortunate that Dorico does not have the ‘settings structure’ like Amadeus, with ‘site’, ‘folder’, and ‘file’ levels and modular calls to settings. It would help a lot. However, I think the Dorico design is way past that ‘ideology’ and it will not happen.

I thought about tagging Alex, but I bailed on him the last time and was a bit hesitant to ask him again! :laughing: ConsoleTools looks impressive but perhaps too complex for me.

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@dan_kreider , could you please make a macro recording of doing what you need to do once, and post it here?

Hi @Alexander_Ploetz , here it is:
usermacro.lua (803 Bytes)

(ignore the zoom bits)

Are you in a hurry with this, Dan? If it can wait until some point in the first half of December, I should be able to cook something suitable up at that time.

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No rush, thanks.

Ok, I thought of another way I’d use this. Some projects use digital printing, others use offset. Offset printing on certain paper types really looks best with slightly thinner staff lines (and thinner beams, barlines, stems, and slurs). That’s another setting I’d love to be able to bulk-apply!