Fastest way to combine mono files back to stereo

Hi there,

I need to resave mono file pairs back to single stereo files. They all have similar naming and saved onto different folders.
As far as I know the batch processor won’t help there, so I’m looking for a fast semi-auto way to accomplish this via the montage.

Any ideas?


+1 - this is something easy in soundBlade, but I’ve found WL7 to be pretty picky dealing with split stereos - for instance it doesn’t necessarily honor .L/.R or .1/.2 convention. Any help on it’s expectations would be appreciated (something usually found in docs btw).

If it’s not already there, it would be great if a future version let the user select how the app handles or imports various file extensions in preferences or an option item. For example, the Audio Streaming pane lets us select how multichannel signals are routed to specific outputs. Some apps let you specify playback, import and insert handling the same way, and it would be very handy since WL7 functionally supports multichannel montages.

It’s true there is something feature missing here.
The fastest way I can think of, with the current version, is to drag dual-mono files one by one inside a montage, and render ‘each clip as a separate’ file.

Thanks PG!

How about the audio file window? any flexible way to open then save-as interleave? How do you let WL7 know the two files are really one?

In the Audio File Workspace, this is easy. Drag and drop the 2 mono files onto the tab bar. That will open the 2 files as a single stereo file. That is, when you open 2 mono files in the same time, they open as a stereo file (if the option is activated, which is the default).
To save it, call “Save as”…

There is a small bug that was reported recently (corrected in next build), which is this one: when “saving as” a dual-mono file to a stereo file (ie. not dual mono anymore), the file is properly saved, but the file remaining open in memory after the operation, is made of the left channel of the new file and the right channel of the old file (until closing it).

When I dragged them over, it opened 2 Audio File windows, each with the (seemingly correct) split stereo file, but one was named .L, the other .R. When I checked with phase scope and zoom they’re DEFINITELY different files, so I presume it got this right. But I would expect it to only open one window.

Fooling around more, I discovered it seems to find it’s partner, if you just point it at the .L in Montage window, so that’s not a bad way to go either.

Thanks PG.

If a dual-mono file is open, there is a single window/tab, as there:

See also:

It would be great if Wavelab would automatically associate .L.R. and .1.2. We routinely receive folders full of dual mono files on a project, and they have to be added to a stereo track of a montage song by song. Other programs (PT) treat them as pairs by default so all of the songs can all be added to a single stereo track with the push of one button. If we could File/Open, navigate to a folder, and select all, Add To Montage to same track or multiple tracks (as we can with Stereo files), it would be a big time saver.