Fat channel view for mixer / plugins

I’m spending some time trying to optimize my workflow and one of the scenarios is quickly calling up plugin windows. I’d like to be able to hit a keystroke or button and have the mixer displayed as well as all the plugin windows for the currently selected channel, kind of a fat channel view that includes the plugins.

So far, since plugins (e.g. Waves) tend to have one UI per instance, and each instance maintains its own window / position information, the only approach I’ve come up with is to create a separate workspace for each channel. That might work okay, but for 20 or 30 tracks it gets into a lot of setup overhead per project.

I pored over the key commands in the manual but I couldn’t find anything to help me accomplish something like “bring up insert x vst UI window for currently selected channel.” In other words, no matter what channel I’m on, I could hit F1 to bring up the Insert 1 UI, F2 for Insert 2, etc.

I know this must be a variation on a very common workflow practice, so I was wondering how you guys go about doing such things. Ultimately I’ll assign Quick Controls for plugin params and access them via the CMC, but basic window management seems to be more challenging.

Any ideas / suggestions?