Fatal error during installation

I want to update my cubase 6.5.3 to 6.5.4 , .but while installation , .the above error display , . …CUBASE 6.5.4 UPDATE INSTALLATION FAILED ,.FATAL ERROR DURING INSTALLATION ,.ERROR CODE 1603 ,…

So ,.What is going wrong ,.about installation, .

I am using WINDOWS XP (32BIT)service pack 3,.Motherboard -ASUS P5N73-AM ,.4GB Memory card ,.Quad cpu Q6600 .

soundcars -st audio ,.ADC&DAC2000 ,.

I do not want to change my Operating system ,.to windows 7 ,. because of my sound card driver and other issues ,.

pls,. help me to resolve this problem ,. . .and i also request to steinberg team ,. .that cubase 6.5 .should run smoothly in windows xp also ,. .so ,.pls update suporting ,.technical issues for XP 32bit operating system ,. .thankyou.

Good luck.

Try this and see if it helps…



Same error ,… .

WINDOWS XP (32 bit)service pack 3,.Motherboard -ASUS P5N73-AM ,.4GB Memory card ,.Quad cpu Q6600 .

soundcars -st audio ,.ADC&DAC2000 ,.

Maybe someone else has some ideas.

I’m out of ideas and going to bed.


pls. help me,… steinberg users and :question: steinberg team

(I asked my dealer before upgrade my cubase 5 ,.to cubase 6,… ,That, i have Windows xp 32bit operating system,. .they told me that ,…it will run ,. then after, i decide to upgrade my cubase 5.) :cry:

The same thing is happening to me! Win 7 64bit

My problem is solved, . by doing repairing, my windows xp ,. and after that the update is successfully installed,. :slight_smile:

Fatal Error 1603

Installed Cubase 6 followed by update to 6.5 .
Received Fatal Error 1603 re-install Cub.6 tried a couple of times.

This was resolved by doing the ‘Maintenance’ on the eLicenser Control Centre.

I’m sure there are plenty of other causes for a 1603, this was one.