Fatal error on HALion 5 content install: error code 1603

I just received Halion 5 yesterday. Put in the brand spanking new install disks, and as it goes about half way into the installation process on disk 1, this box comes up: “Halion Content Installation failed. Fatal error during installation. Error code: 1603”

I cancel the installation, and I see that all other components of the program have installed. Just not the Content. I am selecting to have Halion Sonic 2 installed as well, and I am running Cubase 7.5.30, with, of course, Halion Sonic SE, and Halion 3.5, and they’re working normally.

A thought: I only have 7 GB left on my startup disk (Win7), though I was thinking (hoping) that this would not be a problem, seeing as I was counting on being able to install all the 17 GB of content to my much more copious Music disk (over 300 GB free). But, interestingly, the install program is not giving me the expected option to install my content on the disk of my choice. At the very beginning of the install, the only choice I am given is where to place the Halion 5 Standalone Program. I have tried installing the Standalone in both locales: the Startup disk and the Music disk, but alas, nothing is helping.

Please help. At wits end. Thanks

SOLVED-well, sort of:

I figured out that the problem was, in fact, that I needed to clear up way more space on my C drive. As said before, there actually is no prompt appearing at the beginning of the installation program asking me where I’d like to place all of my HALion content, and so you’re sort of cemented into the situation where all of that content (17 GB worth) will, in fact, be put on your C drive-not a really well designed process, Steinberg, and it should really be fixed.

And then there was something else: the entire installation process was rather buggy. Meaning: the first disk took right around an hour to install-as if the entire process sort of stalled for awhile. Fortunately I just was patient (and faithful)-praying that the entire system hadn’t hung, even though the progress bar was frozen in the same exact place for an hour, and the little spinning circle to the upper right hand corner kept spinning. Then I clicked on the desktop, and the entire Windows Explorer went almost white, with a dialouge box appearing, telling me that Explorer had crashed. I selected the Restart option, Explorer came back, and shortly after this, the progress bar started to move again, and then the Install Program asked for Disk 2 . . .

. . . so I inserted Disk 2, it started to install Halion Sonic 2 content, and then went through the same no-movement-in-the-progress-bar routine as before. But, because I had learned that the install might take a very long time, I just let it sit, thinking-hoping-that it would finally install, just like Disk 1.

4 hours later, I finally figured out that it wasn’t going to happen. I cancelled the install, and finally had to re-insert Disk 2 and find-and successfully use-it’s own Content Installation Setup. This, I’m pretty sure, is not the train of events that Steinberg intended to occur when the average user tries to install Halion: a bunch of trial-and-error actions, that gives a payoff (eventually), after the day has been shot. So, though I am happy with the software, as far as I can tell, with what I’ve been able to see thus far, I must say: the install process basically sucks, and really needs to be worked on so that all users have no trouble working with it. I’ve been working with computers for over 25 years, so there was a lot of experience I was able to bring to bear in solving my dilemma. What about the guy who’s rather new, but still wants some cool sounds? He’s gonna be penalized for his lack of experience if he runs into even some of the issues I did-not a fun experience for the end-user.

Hope I don’t come across as nasty or hyper-angry. I’m actually pleased with HALion, and having fun with it. Just wanted to give some-hopefully-valuable feedback.