faulty audient mico ?

hi there,

ive just bought a new audient mico pre amp and found that when adjusting the gain on both channels there is slight crackling, not a huge amount but its still there, also the hmx knob, doesn’t really seem to do anything, i dont know what i expected with that, maybe somthing similar to the datube plug in in cubase, sometimes i think i hear a difference sometimes i dont,

is this very slight crackling normal or should there be complete silence when adjusting gain, and would you hear if the hmx knob was on full without listening to hard



Hi Paul,

For tech support on an Audient product it is best to get in touch with us via our help desk.


I suspect the crackling will calm down after a few days - the pot may just be a little dusty and using it will clean it up. HMX can be very subtle on some sources - but you should hear a thickening of the sound.

All the best,
Steve Flower

hi steve,

i didnt contact customer support cause i’m not sure there’s a problem yet, if other users responded here and said they’ve had one for a while and its always/never crackled while adjusting the gain then i’d have a better understanding plus sometimes companies can take forever and a day to respond (clearly wont be an issue with audient since it appears you just joined this forum to respond to me :smiley: )

im not to concerned as i ordered this from dv247.com who have a 30 day money back gurantee and offer a 4 year warrenty on most, if not all the gear they sell so im covered there, its just this is the first time i have bought a stand alone pre, if it were faulty i could be getting lesser results than i should and i wouldn’t know any better, not helpful for the learning experience.

i’ll give it a couple of weeks and see how it goes, if it starts to get worse (or stays the same) or cause any probs then i’ll contact DV247 , its less hassle for me that way

thank you for your response, especially since it was through a forum rather than a support request, much appreciated,

just to be clear though, this pre is not supposed crackle, correct ?