Faulty Input Jacks

Has anyone else had an issue with the XLR - 1/4" input jacks on these units?
I plugged in two guitar cables to do some recording right after first setting this up and when I went to remove them today they would not come out until I really pulled on them. When I looked closely I saw that the tip connectors inside were bent outwards now like they had caught on the 1/4" jack tips and then bent over backwards as I pulled out. I pushed the tip connectors back in until they were what I assumed the correct position and then tried two different cords and it did the same thing. This time when I straightened them out though they broke off so now they are hooped.
Is this a common problem?
I sure hope that Steinberg will cover the fix for this as I have only used this unit once even though I have had it for quite a while!