Faulty presets in Mediabay

For a few days now, some of my presets in the Mediabay have been displayed with a one-way street sign or error sign, as shown in the attached image.

These presets cannot be called up either.

Perhaps this can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling a library, but I don’t know which library these presets belong to.

Two of the presets are already shown in the image, can anyone tell me which library they belong to or does anyone else know the problem and have a solution or a solution?

Thanks in advance.

The error is displayed under Helion 7 in standalone mode or under Cubas, I would have to check other instruments with the Mediabay first.


These two ones are from the Flux library for Halion Sonic, which is included with Cubase. It should show up as “v3” when you click Details in the Steinberg Library Manager.

Reinstalling the “Halion Sonic Selection” library might help. You’ll find it by clicking the icon for your version of Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

The latest version of cubase is always used and at the moment that is the latest version 13.

I’m actually always up to date.

Could it be that these presets are no longer supported?

Apparently there are more people who miss the Flux content.

Steinberg may have uninstalled the content with another Cubase version, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Now I have reinstalled the content for the Helion Sonic SE 3, but it didn’t help.

To do this, I renamed the file FCP_SMT_232_HSSE_Flux_Presets.vstsound so that the system created it again during installation.

Other users have probably complained about this here in the forum, but I haven’t found a solution yet.

Flux is still displayed for me in Halion, but no sound presets are shown; they are all marked with this red symbol.