I’ve looked a little but I’m not finding a good answer.

I want to save favorites folders in MEDIA BAY as I have some “tried and true” folders I usually turn too. I can do this in ABLETON LIVE and its a bit time saver.

I’m not interested in taking the time to tag files or multiple files as it seems to me that choosing the tags would bring up all the results with that tag. I suppose I could create a new tag value for each favorite folder but that sure seems like a pain. I also don’t think the results numbers is helpful.

I’d rather just right click a folder I like and it’s added to my favorites.

Am I missing something or is there another way you guys know of.

Thanks for your help,

Halion 4 has this in its browser and it really is a time saver. I have all my drum loops in one folder named Breaks and can get instant access by simply choosing this one directory from a huge list.

You can choose a folder in “Define Locations” tree and click “Add”, which will add it to “Locations” list on top of the media bay. Next time when you need to access that folder you simply have to click on “Select Defined Browse Location” button and choose it in the drop-down list.

Ahhhh!! Yes! Good. I see it now. I didn’t even think about that as a FAVORITES dropdown as it looked like it was simply another menu access. Words matter! So I’ll think of “LOCATIONS” as “FAVORITES.” Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: m