Favorite GM Drum and Perc Plugin

Hi folks,

I’m doing a project where I was given some drum and percussion midi tracks that were played with a GM drum/Percussion set (unknown but probably some Roland samples). I’ll need a really good GM drum and percussion (there are some latin percussion sounds on these tracks) plugin so I can then mix this project. I’m looking to find the best VSTI that I can that has very good quality samples and multiple outs to facilitate processing on mixdown.

THanks much

check out ik multimedia sampletank. in partcular, the omnisynth or omnisynth 2 libaries. they are going for a silly low price just now and you can probably still get the free sampletank player to load them into. they come with good quality gm drum sets. you won’t be able to get individual outputs for each drum sound in a program. but then again you could load the patch 16 times in one instance of sampletank and assign each section (e.g. kicks, snares etc) to different outputs that way.

THanks for the tip.

Another one to consider, XLN Addictive drums, half price right now, a steal.