Favorite mouse& keyboard

Hi, just seeing if anyone has any favorites
Wireless only

For typing I use my ergonomic keyboard. But for Cubase I bought a wireless HP K3500 keyboard and put some Cubase stickers on it. It’s very lightweight with chiclet style keys like Mac keyboards, that made it easy to apply the stickers which I got on ebay. Would hate to type on it, but as a Cubase controller it’s perfect. Easy to pick up and carry around. Works perfectly in parallel with my normal keyboard, both can be used at the same time. Costs just over $20 online.

Also very fond of my Logitech M705 wireless mouse. Normal sized, has some extra buttons that I mostly don’t use. Best feature is that the wheel can spin free and fast with just the flick of my finger, great for browsing. Or I can press a little button and the wheel will ratchet incrementally which is perfect for nudging notes in the editor.

Either way you gotta have wireless if you’re using physical instruments that are spread around around your studio.

I prefer a mechanical keyboard because it’s solid, reliable, and satisfying to type with, in pair with a gaming mouse with extra buttons for macros (not too many though).

I actually prefer a mac keyboard even though I’m working on windows PC. I’m doing a lot of typing, so the flat buttons are really nice. If gaming I prefer a mechanical keyboard - for obvious reasons I suppose :slight_smile:)