Favorite plug-ins finder?

Is there some option in Cubase to mark your favorite VSTs or Plug-ins and find them quickly?

You can create your own folder structure in Cubase… would that work for you? (create a folder that just has your favorites?)

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Also you can put the same plug-in into multiple Folders. For example I have a Folder named Dynamics that has all my Compressors & Limiters in it. But it also has a sub-Folder named With Mix Control. So a compressor that has a mix control will be in both the main Dynamics Folder and also the sub-Folder.

Another thing is that you can also put plug-ins at the very top level so they aren’t in any Folder. So I have Folder structure that organizes all the plug-ins I have. And in addition to that at the top level I list my main ‘go to’ plugs again.



Explore plug-in collections in Cubase, please.


Thanks for all replies! Thats exactly what im looking for! Where I can find that option to make collections? Im a bit lost.

I think it’s in plug-in manager in the studio menu.

The VST Plug-in Manager is where you create collections, and you can also select which collections to use in the right-side panel when you select the VST Instruments or VST Effects options.

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Nice trick, thanks… I might do something like this.