"Favorite" Plugins Menu & overall plugin management

I just realized that I could post this in the FR forum instead of the general board :slight_smile:

And I am not sure if this is already there… But I would like to be able to have a “Fave Folder” in that menu which comes up when I want to insert a plugin…

I have 1000s of plugins - currently a mixture of VST2 and VST3 - so some are in folders like “Dynamics” and some are in the “old manual folders” (for instance “Powered Plugins” (UAD)) … So some compressors are in the “dynamics” folder, some others in the folders were I put them in the VST Plugin folder…

When we are here - I thing just beeing able to choose beetween “sort by company” and the regular way of displaying them is not enough - sorting by company will give a big mess - and in my current setup it is messy as well because often I am not able to find a plugin because it is in the wrong folder ( Limiter A in the Mastering folder, Limiter B in the dynamics folder etc)…

In old VST2 days I was able to do all kind of managing using the explorer - organising those dll files manually.

So basically there are two things I would like to do:

  • Beeing able to manually manage/sort my plugins - at least beeing able to modify the list like I want

  • Some kind of “quick access” Folder/shortcut in the plugin menu where I can link my favorite plugins for faster access.

When you have 1000s of plugins and about 2 dozens of folders (manually and automatically generated) I find myself scrolling all the time through my plugins for finding my go to EQ etc…

OK a workaround is that I can just type a fragment of the name into the quickfind thing… “Pultec”… then the list shrinks down to 5 or 6 plugins only… But that’s not exactly what I want regarding the fave-folder (which should be placed on top for faster access) - because often I “feel” more the need for a plugin and the name is not always in my brain when I am in late night mix mode…

Hi Brandy,

the reason for plug-in grouping is that plug-ins need to have an indication “what they are”, so either the
vendor and/or the type of plug-in. Those options can be set during the development already and are part
of the VST dev kit.

However, having a “favorite” folder with the most often used plug-ins is a good idea.


Isn’t it generally an idea to create a way third way of organizing the plugins - this time using “tags” or something… maybe per default the plugins are sorted the way they are, then you just drag them into another category or use something like the “mediabay” for tagging them manually…

At least that favorite folder would be a great way to start - and for the beginning this would already make life easier and maybe this is not too complex to implement… ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!